Dec 6, 2011

OOTD: Primary Colors

So the time have finally come: Diamond Stylz has done a fashion-based video. *cues victory horns*. It not that I never wanted to do one it just that I never felt secure enough about doing it. I go through my moods of body consciousness and just not feeling fashionable. Lately I have been doing some shopping and thirfting and it has inspire some fashion videos. I hope you enjoy…:) I have a few more OOTD to come. I am gonna spread them out and do one every two weeks or so. i don't wanna get burnt out and bored with them. So here is the video of the OOTD all for around 100 bucks.

In This Video:
Dress $54 from ASOS (online)

Blue Heels $19 from Target (online)

Earring on the Heels $3 from Shasa (Houston Galleria Mall)
Earrings on ears $6 from Trendmall ( Houston, Tx)
Belt from A'gaci (it came on a jacket that cost $12)

Lip color MAC in Brave Red $15 from MAC Store (Houston Galleria)

Oct 17, 2011

18 months of Natural Hair

Going Natural has change many thing in my life. How i view my beauty and how i view my possibility. I was so scared to cut all my hair off from fear of looking like a boy but actually the short hair toned me down and seem to assist in making me more passable. There was no hair to hide behind just face, body, and personality. Apparently that is all i needed. My texture surprised me. i didn't know my hair was this curl. When I was younger i would just pick my afro out and go. I never tried to define the curls with any technique. No that I have learn some things from watching ladies on youtube. My hair has just shine through and become brand new to me. The only negative is the sexiness. I don't feel sexy when Im in those intimate moments with my guy friend. Actually now that it has grow out, he open up to me and said that i hurt his heart when I cut my hair…lol. At first he just told me it look nice and he liked it. This was over text message so I really couldn't see his mannerisms. I assume he was telling the truth but no, he was just being nice. Im so glad though because I think that would have devastated me to find out so early in my transition. I really care about his opinion. No, not because I don't stand by my decision or some low self esteem, but simply because this is someone I have sex with and enjoy him on intimate level. I want him to be attracted to me. The positive feedback from him, my bestie, and my mother( well her was KINDA positive…lol) help me get comfortable with it quicker then I already was. As time goes I think it is getting sexier and sexier for me. That come with length I guess. Well until next time. Thanks for reading. Here is my video about my experience

Aug 17, 2011

Wig Review: Sporty Zury SC-MOCA FS4/27

Wig Info
Cap Sporty Plus
Zury SC-MOCA FS4/27
$23 but ate my local hood beauty supply

This is a beautiful bouncy big curly wig... Love it. Inexpensive but still looks nice.

Aug 7, 2011

Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate Intense Exfoliating Treatment Review

For me and my transition from a tomboyish teen to a ultra femme woman, great skin is a staple part of my success. There is nothing like the ability as a transgender woman to wake up and walk out the house with no make up on and still be seen and addressed as the woman you are. Two essential things in my life help me to achieve that ability: laser hair removal/ electrolysis and an effective skin care regiment. I discuss my full skin care regiment here. Although It work for me, I am always tweaking it to make it even better. From years of shaving in my early transition, I had some discoloration from ingrown hair bumps that left the right side of my face(slightly above the jawline and slight below). In that area is some scars and some redness. The area is small so must people don't notice, but because it is MY face I notice. Al though electrolysis, stop the area from getting worst, there was still a little bit of scarring. I was looking for something that would exfoliate and reduce the appearance of the area. One of the product that I tried and love is Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate Intense Exfoliating Treatment. This product is absolutely wonderful. This is not your typical over-the-counter treatment. This is a spa in tube. The difference is immediately apparent from the smell to the feel. The granules are small so it exfoliates softly without that harsh rocky feeling that some scrubs give. When I first put it on my wet face, I feel a tingling sensation. I love to too feel a tingle. That tingle lets me know that something is working. The tingle is from the papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin enzymes in the product. While the granules physically scrub the dead skin cell off your face, the enzymes do that chemically leaving your skin less dull and vibrant. Once I rinsed my face after letting the treatment sit for a 3 minutes. The directions say leave on for 30 second but I got to yapping with a girlfriend on the phone and you know how that goes…lol. After patting dry, there was some slight redness immediately after that lasted for maybe 10 minutes. After that 10 minute though, the redness went away and beautiful glowing skin immersed. That discoloration was less noticeable even after one treatment. So I give this product 5 out of 5 stars. I love when a product does what its says it will do and totally exceeds my expectations. That is exactly hat Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate did for me. It is a little pricey but well worth it. I totally recommend you try it in a smaller size. Once you love it which im sure you will, buy the bigger size

Feb 21, 2011

Skin Care: The Diamond Stylz Way

Here are a few tips that I have on oily skin care. I hope you enjoy.

Th product I use are as follows:

Philosophy's Purity
Philosophy purity made simple facial cleanser
Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser
DDF Glycolic Moisturizer
DDF Glycolic 10% Exfolating Moisturizer

Clean & Clear Oil-free Dual Action Moisturizer
MAC Face&Body C5

Mac Studio Fix NC43
Nars Torrid
Mac Baked Mineralized bronzer
Milani 04 Glow Baked Bronzer
Milani Baked Bronzer Glow 04, 0.25 oz (Pack of 3)

Here is a video of me discussion skin care

Feb 11, 2011

The Phoenix Rising

Let me make this clear: I am officially in love with red hair. I took me a long time to find an affordable wig in the exact shade of red I wanted and style. This one was 95% dead on target. I just wish that it was human hair. This is some hair that is supposedly heat resistant but that scares me. After applying Painterly Paint Pot, I decide to go for a green shade of eyeshadow from the Milani Runway Eyes Palette in Glamorous Gems. This is a typical combination for red hair but it is a not a typical color that i wear on my eyes. The reason I dont normally where green is because my eye color is green on the outside and brown on the inside, so my eye stand out when I wear pink and blue shades. With the red hair, I feel the eye pop and the green just intensifies the look. My lips are liner with a pencil buy NARS called Roman Holiday and sheer opalescent pink multi purpose stick by NARS called Luxor. On my cheeks are mineral blush from MAC called Baked. Its one of my favorite blushes becaus eit give me a tanned look without being dark. I dont know who I was trying to channel Shirley Manson in this photo and I loved the way it turned out.
Hey is a video of the hair and make up live.