Dec 6, 2011

OOTD: Primary Colors

So the time have finally come: Diamond Stylz has done a fashion-based video. *cues victory horns*. It not that I never wanted to do one it just that I never felt secure enough about doing it. I go through my moods of body consciousness and just not feeling fashionable. Lately I have been doing some shopping and thirfting and it has inspire some fashion videos. I hope you enjoy…:) I have a few more OOTD to come. I am gonna spread them out and do one every two weeks or so. i don't wanna get burnt out and bored with them. So here is the video of the OOTD all for around 100 bucks.

In This Video:
Dress $54 from ASOS (online)

Blue Heels $19 from Target (online)

Earring on the Heels $3 from Shasa (Houston Galleria Mall)
Earrings on ears $6 from Trendmall ( Houston, Tx)
Belt from A'gaci (it came on a jacket that cost $12)

Lip color MAC in Brave Red $15 from MAC Store (Houston Galleria)