Oct 17, 2011

18 months of Natural Hair

Going Natural has change many thing in my life. How i view my beauty and how i view my possibility. I was so scared to cut all my hair off from fear of looking like a boy but actually the short hair toned me down and seem to assist in making me more passable. There was no hair to hide behind just face, body, and personality. Apparently that is all i needed. My texture surprised me. i didn't know my hair was this curl. When I was younger i would just pick my afro out and go. I never tried to define the curls with any technique. No that I have learn some things from watching ladies on youtube. My hair has just shine through and become brand new to me. The only negative is the sexiness. I don't feel sexy when Im in those intimate moments with my guy friend. Actually now that it has grow out, he open up to me and said that i hurt his heart when I cut my hair…lol. At first he just told me it look nice and he liked it. This was over text message so I really couldn't see his mannerisms. I assume he was telling the truth but no, he was just being nice. Im so glad though because I think that would have devastated me to find out so early in my transition. I really care about his opinion. No, not because I don't stand by my decision or some low self esteem, but simply because this is someone I have sex with and enjoy him on intimate level. I want him to be attracted to me. The positive feedback from him, my bestie, and my mother( well her was KINDA positive…lol) help me get comfortable with it quicker then I already was. As time goes I think it is getting sexier and sexier for me. That come with length I guess. Well until next time. Thanks for reading. Here is my video about my experience