Oct 28, 2010

The Not so Natural Natural

My natural hair video was feature on Curl Nikki site and Racialicious . All I have to say is WOW. Thank you all so much for showing me love. I am always nervous talking about natural hair as a transgender woman because …um natural..aka what I was born with…. isnt really my forte…lol… if you catch my drift. When I go out in the world, the public doesn’t see the transgender adjective. When they see me, they just see a Black woman. Outside of the genitalia which people don’t see of course, I have most of the characteristics of a black woman: ample booty, hips, thighs. kinky hair, full lips and a little attitude…lol. So with all that I do have some insight on the overall experience (especially in aesthetically) with being a Black woman. I too had a mother that instilled specific beauty principles about skin color, good hair, bad hair, perms, and the nappy head girls up the street. I had to endured the burn of S curls and other texturizers to get my hair to do what my mom felt was acceptable and attractive. I alway thought the community aka the Black girls would discount what I had to say based on what I am. I was already light skin, which for some reason take away from my Blackness in some folks perspective. So now I want to talk about natural hair? Oh No! In my experience, the ”sistas” are not the most accepting bunch of women (except when it comes to what they will accept from deadbeat men but hey that another blog post). Which is ironic because the “sistas” have been the most misrepresented and put down group throughout history. It so surprising to see the positive comments without negative innuendos that usually come. So I want to thank you all so much for appreciating my experiences in my natural journey.